A Special Christmas Gift Card

Attention Parents and Grandparents – this year, in the true spirit of giving at Christmas, please consider buying your children/grandchildren one less gift for themselves and instead giving them a Christmas Gift Card for THEM to give to someone else.

The Christmas Gift Card asks them to choose a charity for you to give a gift to in their name.

There is a printable template (links below) that you can personalize with your child’s name, your name and the amount of the donation. It already has a list of charities on it, but you can change them to any that you prefer.

Follow the links below to download in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.  Just print it out, fold it in half and then fold it in half again and it will become a personalized Christmas Gift Card to give to your children/grandchildren.

This will help them think about the importance of giving, rather than receiving, this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Card – Fillable PDF Format

Christmas Gift Card – Microsft Word Document

NOTE:  The Microsoft Word format is best for customizing the document and looks the most professional.  The PDF document is the most compatible and easiest to use.

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