Greetings friends of St. Andrews,
I’m hoping by the time I have finished writing this it will not be invalidated by the next major update by our local and/or national authorities. Aren’t you glad we serve a God that does not change?
As of right now, and due to government regulations and recommendations prompted by mitigating the spread of the Coronavirus in our community, St. Andrews will:
  • Continue to offer online only services on Sundays. We are preparing for the next eight weeks. We will update you accordingly.
  • Not be open for any other meetings at this time (small group leaders contact Kristin Winter regarding options for meeting in your groups).
  • Keep the office open as a point of contact for our people and community. Please call or email. Don’t come in unless absolutely necessary.
  • Continue to serve and love our people in the safest and most appropriate way at this time.
  • Keep a regular flow of communication to you. You can also check the Latest News sections on our app and website.
Please update us with your most recent contact information. Please make sure your circle of St. Andrews’ friends are receiving this communication as well. 
We thank you for all the positive feedback from this last weekend’s online services. We missed you too but we are so amazed at your positive response to the proclamation of the word. We believe our services were experienced by more people this past Sunday than on a regular Sunday (the power of the internet). Lent Wednesday services will not be offered at this time. Stay tuned for details on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
Please let us know if you are in need of anything at this time. We have a group of willing and low-risk individuals ready to serve their neighbors and community in any way possible.  We are all balancing how to maintain emotional and spiritual connection with less physical contact. As of right now, it is still OK to talk to neighbors in very small groups or outside on the lawn. We encourage you to respect guidelines at this point but not avoid all connection. This is a great time to love our neighbor in creative and powerful ways.
I know it’s frustrating and inconvenient, but God has placed us here for such a time as this. Find ways to connect to people without adding to the pandemic. Call, Facetime, Zoom, talk at a distance, share God’s love and peace in this time, just wash your hands.
May we inspire our community to live out the hope found in Christ!
Blessings and Peace,
PS: Please post this to your Social Media before our services this coming Sunday:
Hi friends. Our church is offering powerful messages of comfort and hope during this time. We hope you join us in our online worship service this week, either at 8:15 or 10:45! Link to our live stream here.
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