General Update

To the Saints of St. Andrews,
As we are in the second week of a statewide shelter in place declaration, we wish to continue to connect and communicate with you as much as is possible. Here are some of the basics at this time:
  • As of right now we will continue to offer Live Stream services on Sunday morning. The service is live at 8:15 then stays on our YouTube page.
  • Our staff is available, but the office is currently not open for visitors. Reach us on our phones or via email (emails available on website
  • We want to encourage you to connect with each other. Many of our small groups have taken advantage of Zoom to see each other face to face and still dive into God’s word together, pray with each other, and encourage each other. Note the Johnson’s Sunday morning bible study and Pastor Brian’s Thursday study is still available via Zoom at this time. Email for the link.
  • We have volunteers willing to shop and run errands for those higher at risk and concerned about going out in public. Let a staff member know and we’ll connect you with someone if you need anything.
We want to encourage you to keep connecting with others as you respect the social distancing needed to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. There are many face to face options to use via computers and smart phones. You can also still make good “old-fashioned” phone calls and chat with neighbors across the yard.
I’m so grateful for the positive attitudes and care for the community I keep hearing from you. I know this is challenging in many and various ways for our people and community, but I am so proud our people are responding in ways that will be an encouragement to our community.
Let us inspire our community to live out the hope found in Christ!
Peace and Love to you all!
Pastor Dan
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