St. Andrews Update

To the beloved of St. Andrews,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. As you are likely aware, Governor Newsom issued another decree on Monday, once again closing churches for worship inside church buildings. As a result, this coming Sunday, and for the next few weeks, St. Andrews will return to an online only worship service streamed live at 8:15 AM, available on our Youtube channel around 9:30 AM. Click here

We will continue to have communion available to “households” in the courtyard between 9:30 and 11:30 AM. We ask you sign up on our website for a time slot here. As you sign up you are welcome to invite those during your time slot you deem a part of your household to participate in Communion with you, we are not limiting the number in households at this time. This will also enable us to serve a greater number of people. 

These last few months have reminded me of a phrase: Seize the 167. There are 168 hours in the week. We often spend one of them in worship. Much of the life of the church emphasizes and revolves around that one hour, and for good reason. Yet it is by no means the only way we can, or should, live out our faith. Indeed, 167 out of 168 hours during our weeks are spent outside a worship service, giving us more than ample time to grow in God’s word, serve our neighbor, share the Good News of Jesus’ salvation for us, coach someone to grow in discipleship, pray, praise, and give thanks in many and various ways. 

As the church lives “underground” during this time you have many chances to continue to grow in faith, I pray you are taking advantage of them. Consider the Apostle Paul; would we have half our New Testament if he had not been locked up from time to time? How can you connect with friends and family during this challenging time, equipped with so many more means of communication than Paul possessed? Live out that hope found in Christ. 

Some have asked about having worship outside. While we can gather outside, we do not have the means to create a strong musical presence outside, and we are well set for online worship. Please let us know if that is something you would be interested in, though.  A service outside would be more along the lines of a communion service with Scripture reading, a message, and prayers. It would be very informal. Pastor Brian and I are open to it. 

Peace to you.
Pastors Dan 

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