Cross+Generational Faith Formation

We, the church, are blessed with an opportunity no other communities and groups have on a regular basis – all ages together, in one place, at one time.

Over the last several years we have learned and shared that for faith to stick with our children as they grow and step into adulthood it takes a minimum of five adults – beyond their parents – who are building relationships with them. These relationships are not just about adults speaking into and guiding the next generation, but about the faith of the young encouraging and building up the faith of those older.  Keeping that in mind we have started to ask ourselves how we can be more intentional in helping these relationships happen.

Cross+Gen Logo

What is Cross+Gen?

Cross+Gen Faith Formation brings all ages together to learn and grow in faith together through prayer, praise, the reading of scripture, movement and discussion.  The aim is to build lasting relationships across generations where the gifts of the younger meet the needs of the older and vice versa. Check out this exciting opportunity to make an impact in the lives of those in this congregation.

Our next Cross+Gen opportunity takes place Sundays at 9:45am. Join us!

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