Inspiring our community to live out the hope found in Christ.

In order to live our our mission to inspire our community to live out the hope found in Christ we must be growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.  A disciple is someone who follows Jesus and is helping others do the same.  As growing disciples in faith we are each learning and experiencing what it means to follow Jesus in our everyday lives.  Being a disciple is as much about identity as it is about activity.

We see a disciple as one who Loves, Trusts, Grows, Blesses, and Goes.  Each of these are represented in the image below:

Loves (heart): As God’s children we are called to love those around us, seeing them not through our own eyes but through the eyes of God.

STALC_globe-2-1Trusts (scroll as path): With God’s Word as the source of life and direction, we walk by faith, looking to and trusting God in and with our daily lives.

Grows (two people): Being a disciple involves growing in our own faith in His community in order that we might help others grow in their faith as they follow Jesus.

Blesses (cross and directional lines): God has blessed us so that we can in turn reach out and bless others.  We daily seek ways God has given us to do so.

Goes (city/destination): We know that God has called us and trusts us to be his hands and feet in the world.


As we grow as disciples, followers of Jesus Christ, we focus on connecting: UP with God through worship and personal devotion; IN with other Christians through Bible study, small groups and service; and OUT with those outside the faith and church.

As disciples we seek to love others as Christ loves us, trust God and his guiding, bless others as we have been blessed, grow with others in faith, and go where God is calling us.


Check out our Church Ministry Brochure for more information.

Mission Grants Available Now

Once again we are excited to offer Mission and Ministry grants to the people of our congregation.  Last year we had several groups apply for grants including a group that made blankets with residents of a local shelter program, a backpacking trip for middle school youth, distribution of hygiene items and “Why Pray” books at a local family shelter and more.  So get a team together (your small group, Bible study, coffee group, ministry group) and consider how you might be able to serve and reach out with the love and hope of Christ into our community.  Check out a copy of the Grant Guidelines.  Contact the church council through our main office if you have questions (Admin@stalc.org).

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