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There’s nothing like confessing, praying, and singing along with a large group of people, all worshipping the Lord in the same place. In fact, the book of Revelation describes a beautiful scene where “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages,” will worship the Lord at the foot of His throne (Revelation 7:9, 10). But is being in a large group the only way to enjoy praising God? Of course not!

King David wrote some of his prayers and worship songs while hiding in caves (see Psalms 57 and 142). Paul and Silas sang hymns together in a dungeon (Acts 16). Daniel prayed alone in his house every day (Daniel 6). Jesus told His followers  that it’s better to pray inside your room with the door shut than to show off with public prayer (Matthew 5:5, 6). Jonah even sang a prayer while inside the belly of a fish!

As Americans, most of us are used to the gift of being able to regularly worship in a group on Sundays and during the week. Right now, it’s best not to do that, so what can we do? In addition to joining St. Andrews for live-stream worship on Sundays at 8:15 am., here are some worship-at-home ideas for you and your family!

Lent Devotions 2020 – Daily devotions for Lent March 1 through April 11, 2020

20 Days of Prayer 2020

As our congregation unites in the 20 Days of Prayer Jan 1-20, 2020, we hope you find these prayer resources helpful:


RightNow Media

The Netflix of Christian Bible Study. Right Now Media offers you over 15,000 video resources to help you grow in faith. There are many resources for marriage, families, parents, finances, leadership, and so much more. You can have access to these resources on your TV, computer, or through an app on your mobile devices. And it’s free to you. If you haven’t signed up for access yet, click on the link.


“Street Sheet”

Check out the Street Sheet provided for our area to helping and directing the homeless around St. Andrews and other areas throughout Stockton, Ca.


Lutheran Hour Ministries

What began as with radio broadcast ministry (which still continues today) has expanded to many ministries and resources for Christians and the growing Kingdom of God. We recommend you check out their website (


Concordia Seminary

Looking to further your knowledge and understanding? Try these resources from the Concordia Seminary –


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