Check out the resources and websites below and get connected to other ministries and groups in America and around the world.


“Street Sheet”

Check out the Street Sheet provided for our area to helping and directing the homeless around St. Andrews and other areas throughout Stockton, Ca.


Lutheran Hour Ministries

What began as with radio broadcast ministry (which still continues today) has expanded to many ministries and resources for Christians and the growing Kingdom of God. We recommend you check out their website ( but especially Project Connect ( This booklet ministry resource includes topical booklets that can “promote outreach”, and “equip us to share our faith”. “Each of the more than 50 booklets available is written from the Christian perspective and address variety of topics, from forgiveness and the after-life to depression and anger management. Many have been translated into Spanish.” You can download them for free or pay a small fee for a hard copy. Check it out!


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.57.44 PM

Last April (2015) we had the opportunity to use a resource called RightNow Media. This resource continues to be available to the congregation.  RightNow Media has 10,000 resources ranging from bible studies, Christian and/or leadership conference sessions, children’s videos, and more (in a format similar to Netflix streaming). You are welcome to take advantage of this resource to help grow in faith and seek help in areas of life you desire more knowledge, wisdom, and help. If you have not signed up contact Brandee in the office ( so we can get you signed up.



2017 CNH District Missions Conference

You are invited to attend the 2017 CNH District Missions Conference, “Missionary People.”  The conference will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Tracy, California.  To register, please go to

In addition to the keynote speakers, Robert Newton, John Mehl, and Heather Davis, break-out session leaders include:

• Vonnie Carlsen and Bev Daily: “90 Minutes Can Radically Change You, Your Church, and Your Community”

• Trinidad Castaneda: “El Roi—Hagar’s Name for God when He saw Her Affliction”

• Heather Davis: “Long Live the Royal Priesthood!”

• Ted & Marty Hartman: “Cultivating a Missional Environment Through Prayer”

• Beth Hirsch Lange: “Ministers in Disguise”

• John Mehl: “What Can Be Accomplished Short-Term?

• Aaron Putnam, Paul Henry Lauaki, and Viliami (“V”) Finau: “SOYL – School of Young Leaders”

• Dominic Rivkin: “Mission from the Inside Out: A Contemplative Approach to Connecting in Christ”

• Alan Tong and Ashley Wong: “Young Adult Disciples – Mission Trip Impact”

• Mike Zimmer: “Creating a Discipleship Culture in Your School” and “Disciple Making by Multiplication”


Don’t delay…the deadline to register is Wednesday, February 22, 2017!

Cost for the conference is $35 which includes breakfast and lunch.  We hope to be able to carpool to Tracy on the day of the conference.  Questions about the cost or about anything else?  Talk to Holly in the church office – or 209.957.8750.

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