What is Vacation Bible School?

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a week long Bible adventure for children ages 3yrs – 8th grade (childcare is provided for children 6-36 months).  Dinner is included in each of the five nights.  Children have a blast as they learn about God through songs, stories, crafts, games, dramas, and more. The theme changes each year, but the main message is always the same: Jesus is our Savior and loves us so much that He died and rose again to save us. Come learn about the saving grace we have through faith in Jesus!

How can I serve at VBS?

Each year we look for over 100 volunteers to serve at VBS. Ways to serve include:

  • Setup Crew: The setup crew meets daily at 3pm the week of VBS to help put up tents, setup tables, and hand out supply boxes.
  • Kitchen Crew: The kitchen crew meets daily starting at 4pm the week of VBS to help prepare and serve dinner to around 300 people.
  • Craft Shopkeepers: Volunteers in the craft shops meet daily starting at 6pm the week of VBS to help lead the children in making different craft projects and share the Bible story the craft project represents.
  • Tribe Leaders: These volunteers are paired up with a group of 10-12 children (ages 4-11) for the week of VBS. They meet daily at 5:15pm the week of VBS and help lead their group of children to all of the different stations of dinner, Bible stories, games, crafts, and worship.
  • Band: Each year we recruit a small band of musicians and singers. We try to have guitars, drums, keyboard, bass, and 2-3 singers to help lead the children in opening and closing worship times each night during the week of VBS. The band members are required to learn 6-8 songs and attend to 2-3 rehearsals prior to the week of VBS.
  • Drama Team: Each night during the opening and closing worship at VBS the drama team preforms skits to help setup the theme and the lesson of the day. The drama team consists of 2-4 actors, has lines to memorize daily, and must attend daily rehearsals at 4pm the week of VBS.
  • Childcare Team: The childcare team provides care for the youngest children (ages 6months to 2years) daily from 5:15-8:15pm the week of VBS.
  • Preschool Team: The preschool team leads the preschool children (age 3) in VBS activities including Bible stories, games, crafts, singing, and more in a classroom setting. They meet daily from 5:15-8:15pm the week of VBS.
  • Service Club: The service club includes the Jr. High youth and several adult drivers. The service club meets daily throughout the week of VBS starting at 5:15pm. They serve by handing out the food at dinner and leading VBS activities at the local homeless shelters.
  • Cleanup Crew: The cleanup crew meets daily at 6pm the week of VBS to clean up the dining room, take out trash, restock bathrooms, and take down tents and tables.







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