Newday Enrollment Packages

We have options for your 2- to 5-year old!

We’ve made it even more affordable to enroll multiple children, as siblings receive a 10% discount.

And we understand that teaching toddlers to use the toilet is really hard! We include potty training in the cost of enrollment so that children can receive the care they need.

Full-Day Schedule (7:30am-5:30pm)Half-Day Schedule (9:00am-11:45am)*
Monday-Friday$800.00 per month$450.00 per month
Monday/Wednesday/Friday$515.00 per month$350.00 per month
Tuesday/Thursday$430.00 per month$315.00 per month

*Extended “Lunch Bunch” hour (11:45am-12:45pm) available to half-day students for an additional $15 per day

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