An easy way to donate is through texting! You can make a general donation or donate to specific funds. Text any amount to 84321 to give. (Standard message and data rates may apply.)

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When you initiate your first Text-to-Give donation, you’ll receive a message that includes a setup link. Tapping this link will take you to your mobile browser and walk you through these steps:

  1. Find your church: Giving will use your geographical location and phone number to suggest churches nearby (within 20 miles). You can also search by entering any of St. Andrews’ address: 4910 Claremont Ave., Stockton, 95207
  2. Log in to your profile: After choosing a church, you’ll be asked to either create a new donor profile (first time donors), or log in to access your existing donor profile (returning donors).
  3. Add or select a payment method: First-time donors can add a payment method to be used for this initial donation and future donations. Existing donors can log in to their profile to select a previously saved payment method.
  4. Submit the donation: Once you submit your donation, this will initiate that first donation and enable Text-to-Give for future use.

Donors can only have Text-to-Give enabled with one organization at a time. If you have given via Text-to-Give to another church that uses Giving in the past, you must disconnect from that other organization before you can set up Text-to-Give with St. Andrews.

Giving to Different Funds

By default, Text-to-Give donations at 84321 will go to St. Andrews’ General Fund.

You can indicate a specific fund by mentioning the fund name after the donation amount. (For example: “$5 vbs”)

You can split donations between funds in a single text by listing the amounts and fund names for each fund. (For example: “$5 vbs $6 youth”)

Campus Improvement/Buildingcampus
Comfort Dog Ministryrahab
Sunday Schoolcrossgen
Good Shepherdshepherd
Operation Christmas Childocc
Staff Christmas Giftsstaff
Thanksgiving Basketsthanks
Youth Ministriesyouth

Account Management

You can update your Text-to-Give payment method or disable Text-to-Give from your donor profile.

  1. Access your profile from Church Center web.
  2. On your profile, click My Giving.
  3. In the Text-to-Give section, you can update your payment method or disable Text-to-Give.

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You can also text ‘STOP’ to 84321 to disable Text-to-Give.

If you need to re-enable Text-to-Give and run into issues receiving Text-to-Give messages, text ‘START’ to ensure those messages are not being blocked by your carrier.


If you made a mistake or need help, text these keywords to 84321.

REFUND – Donors donating using a card can issue this command within two hours of donating to initiate an automatic refund. This isn’t a cancellation, but is a refund, so this donation will show as refunded on the donor’s profile. (ACH donations cannot be refunded via Text-to-Give but have to be done by an administrator.)

MISTAKE – Donors donating using ACH can issue this command within two hours of donating to cancel their donation. This will cancel the donation before it’s processed, so there will be no record of a cancelled donation on the donor’s profile.

STOP/START – The STOP command immediately disables Text-to-Give for the donor. The START command will lift any carrier blocks and allow the donor to use Text-to-Give in the future.

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