Teen/Adult Discussions

The Chosen: Starting August 21, 2022

The highly-acclaimed video series, The Chosen, will be viewed on Sunday mornings in the library. Join us for the second-season videos and discussion at 9:40am each Sunday.

Financial Resources and Consulting: September 25, 2022

David Bennett has served our congregation and members with financial counsel and planning for many years. He will be with us giving a message on generosity during our Sunday services and will be available for questions at our 9:45 discussion time. Meet in the fellowship hall.

The Discipleship Journey: October and November, 2022

Join Pastor Dan and Pastor Brian in the fellowship hall at 9:45 on Sunday mornings to learn how to…
…pray for those who don’t know Jesus yet.
…share God’s story in simple yet powerful ways.
…relate your own story, or stories, of what God has done for you throughout your life.
…understand what it means to be in the Church and to grow with and love others.
…read the Bible in such a way that you experience life transformation, not just accumulate information.
…guide someone else through the same process.

If we can learn to tell our story, and then teach someone else to do that, and then they teach someone else…imagine what an impact can be made in our hurting world!

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